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Mamadoux Girl Guide


Congrats on being selected as a Mamadoux brand affiliate! Our combined social media following of nearly 70,000 is a great way to build your own following while enhancing our brand content. When you post a picture wearing your Mamadoux, it helps our customers and fan-base to visualize the clothing in a real-life setting.

How it Works

  1. After you've signed and sent back the Affiliate Agreement, you can place an order using your Affiliate discount code. This code is good for up to 3 orders to be used before the expiration date. Don't share your exclusive affiliate code, that's just for you.
  2. Each time you use the code, you must create a promotional Instagram post or published promotional content. You may post to other social media sites, blogs, or media outlets in additional to Instagram. If you are sharing outside of Instagram, please send us the press release, video clip, tear sheet, or blog posting so that we may share it with our audience. 
  3. We will re-post your content to our Instagram (@_mamadoux_) and possibly to our Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, or website.
  4. When you post, you can share your unique promotional code that we provide you. This is the code that gets your friends, family, and followers a discount at and tracks your sales referrals.

Discounts and Free Gifts

There are five tiers of discounts, which are provided to you for purchasing Mamadoux clothing to promote. Your initial tier is based on your social reach; to move up to a higher tier you can accumulate sales referrals by sharing a unique promotional code with your friends, family, and following.

  • Affiliate Tier One: 15% discount
  • Affiliate Tier Two: 25% discount
  • Affiliate Tier Three: 30% discount
  • Affiliate Tier Four: 50% discount
  • Affiliate Tier Five: 100% discount

Gifting our Affiliates:

  • $200+ in sales referrals = First Free Gift!
  • $600+ in sales referrals = Second Free Gift
  • $1,000+ in sales referrals = Third Free Gift

*We will let you know when you have accumulated enough referral sales to be eligible for a free gift or to be moved up to a higher tier of Affiliate discounts.

Posting Tips

When creating a promotional post, you can be creative and expressive of your individuality; here's some tips to ensure that your photo can be re-posted to our social media accounts:

  1. Make sure that the Mamadoux clothing can be seen clearly in the photo. A majority of the garment should be visible.
  2. Filters are fun, but make sure it's not distorting the clothing too much.
  3. When posting, please use @_mamadoux_ in the caption and tag @_mamadoux_ in the photo. Adding #mamadoux or #mamadouxgirl in the caption is also great! Example: love my new @_mamadoux_ hoodie! #cutiepie #mamadouxgirl
  4. If we supply you with your own promotional code for sales referrals, you can include that in your posts as well. We'll keep track of your referrals and let you know when you are eligible for a free gift. 
  5. As per Instagram's policies, we cannot post photos depicting drug usage. 
  6. Also due to Instagram and Facebook's policies, we cannot post nudity or violence. We love re-posting, so please be sure to follow Instagram's policies so that we are able to feature you on our social media. 

**When we re-post, we often edit the color settings to make the photo consistent with our Instagram's color palette, so don't be alarmed if we make slight adjustments.

Thank you for being a valuable part of the Mamadoux brand! Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. You can get a hold of us by emailing or by phone at 323-643-3146 on weekdays from 7am to 4pm Pacific. 

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