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Made in Los Angeles

Mamadoux Made in LA

Limited-Run Quantities

Our clothing is made in small-batch quantities in Los Angeles California's Garment District. Unlike fast-fashion brands, Mamadoux' limited-run production cycle promotes sustainable practices and exclusivity of design.

Locally-Sourced Materials

All of our fabrics and materials are sourced locally in downtown LA. Due to the lack of raw goods manufacturers in the U.S., many fabrics are imported; we support our local economy by purchasing imported fabrics from American dealers only.

Hand-Printed and Hand-Dyed

Each piece is screen-printed by hand with our classic Mamadoux motifs. Many of the fabrics are dyed by hand, giving the clothing a hand-made quality. All of our tie-dyed fabrics are created by hand at the Mamadoux design studio located in Los Angeles.

Sustainable Production

We are committed to sustainable production practices and ethically-sourced labor. Our clothing is crafted by highly skilled American workers. We proudly support the American manufacturing sector by employing an all-American labor-force. Our design and development team is located in Los Angeles, we do not outsource any phase of our product development.

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