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MAMADOUX Menswear is Here!


"Masculinity is about having the confidence to let the world know who you are and what you believe with absolutely no apologies or regrets. A 'Mamadoux Man' knows he looks good because he's comfortable and casual about it. The best part is, the clothes are totally unisex! If you're a girl with a little boy swag, get over here!"

 -Elliott Beach, Designer of Mamadoux









"I love designing menswear because I basically think about what I would want to wear myself. I think guys should be comfortable, dress with a bit of practicality and only have to throw on about two pieces to look great. The women's clothing for Mamadoux is very colorful and energetic, but with menswear it's more about keeping a sense of controlled masculinity with a forward edge that cuts traditional boundaries."











Joshua Scroggins photographed by Cameron Mccool


"Most of the girls I know appreciate a man with a strong personal sense of style, it's attractive and expressive in a confident way. Unfortunately it's often seen as inappropriate for a male to be expressive in fashion, at times deemed 'flamboyant'; a good sense of style is actually an important part of being a man, a human in society."




  • David james: January 13, 2015

    Trying to find the back hat that yall use in the pattie-mayonnaise outfit

    I love all y’all’s work hell yeah bishhheshh keep it up

  • Adrian : December 02, 2014

    Hey I think your fashion taste and style is awesome and I’m really digging the role model jumpsuit. Actually I really want it but got to save up!

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